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[France][7.1]Tibiana is back - MAY 7 16:00 CEST
Tibiana is a server based on the leaked CipSoft files from 2006 version 7.7 that means we are using the exact formulas as original Tibia doe’s this server is being developed since 2017 and we are there finally. We are using a completely 7.4 based server to launch Tibiana 7.1, if you remember what was the gameplay between 7.1 and 7.4 the difference is only visual and map and something related to the skulls and we keep them here for maintain the fair gameplay, like i mentioned before we are using the official CipSoft map from 7.7 that include port hope with a little edit to make it look more oldschool, removed level door's, edited the map to look like it was back in then 7,1, we keep the original ankrahmun...etc... we want to keep the map like that because it will help the server to handle more people playing. Tibiana invite you to this new edition.

[b]Server Information:[/b]
Website: Http://
Version: 7.1
Port: 7171
Map: CipSoft map adapted to 7.1
Support: Directx9 & OpenGL
Shared Party Experience
Anti-Bot System
Houses: 100%
Spawns: 100%
NPC's: 100%
Quests: 100%
[b]Tasks: NO![/b]

[b][Server Rates]:[/b]
Exp: 2x
Skill: 2x
Magic: 2x
Loot: 1x
Regeneration: 2x

-Change gold on click
-Adori blank spell
-Promotion lowered to (10k)
-Properly oldchool UHTrap
-Recorder system built-in client (in progress)
-OTClientV8 Original Classic Layout
-Max 2 MC allowed per IP
-x2 Conjure

Cheating is strictly forbidden under the threat of deletion of all accounts that belong to, or are played by, the offender.
That includes, but is not limited to, modyfing Tibiana client or its files, using unofficial software to play the game, using any kind of automation (e.g. so called "bots" and "macros") or playing more than two character at a time (you are breaking the rules).
Every player is allowed to have only two character’s online.

[Image: 1-png.44576]

Old items!
All the old items exist and they are completely identical to what they used to be in version 7.1 of Tibia.
Amulet of Life is similar to Amulet of Loss.
[Image: 2-png.44580]

Old creatures!
All creatues are completely identical to how they used to be in version 7.1 of Tibia.
Creatures will behave as they used to do, formulas are the same and the loot dropped by creatures are accurate!
For example Fire Sword can be looted from Dragons with a bit of luck!`,
[Image: 3-png.44579]

Old runes and spells!
Runes can be conjured by players x2 and bought from other players.
Spells can be used by reaching a certain required magic level for a specific spell.

Account creation is open now!!
create your account here!
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Server is online, the otclientv8 is working like in god mode, low ping, 0lags

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