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[France] [7.4] TIBIERA | RPG/PVPE | 2 WORLDS friday 18-12-2020 12:00 CET
[b]Game Worlds[/b]
We've upgraded security on both client, engine and website. upgraded ddos protection
We've updated the game engine to support multiple worlds today, also working on some new upcomming updates and quests

With this new feature, we'll be able to open new worlds, try diffrent PVP Options for all players, encourage players to experiment our new servers, and more.

Tell us what are your thoughts of this inprovement in here

Team Tibiera Welcomes you [img=22x22][/img]

[b]Welcome to Tibiera Online[/b]

Hello dear Tibia player, welcome to [b]Tibiera Online[/b], a server based on the [b]Nostalrius Engine[/b] but heavily edited to match and revive the feeling of the Oldschool Tibia with custom modifications.

[b]What we have?[/b]
  1. A modified speed formula

  2. Smooth rune aiming and smooth walking ([b]You aren't going to feel lag on this server, due to OTClient V8[/b]).

  3. Expshare & Vocation Hunt

  4. Instant travel "bring me to" on the boat NPCS

  5. Properly oldchool UHTrap

  6. Advanced Task system

  7. Live Cast system (Cast gives you 10% more exp if you enable it without password)

  8. Backpack setup save system (Saves your open backpack when you logout)

  9. Guild war system

  10. Rashid npc travels between cities

  11. Blessing system

  12. All spells, promotion and travelling by boat available for free accounts

  13. Royal account gives 10% experience and other small benefits.

  14. You can make runes here from your own backpack

  15. All of the conjured runes and ammo has 2x charges!

  16. All rune & potion Npcs sells bp blank rune, bp mana fluid and life rings
  • And many more as seen on our server information
[b]About our client[/b]


[b]O[/b]ur client has been built to mimic the feeling of Old Tibia, as seen on many other servers, it has been entirely built on OTClient V8, new custom client and it has been, having inspiration on another server. The client itself contains:

  1. [b]- Enhanced [/b]ping function

  2. [b]- Smooth walking[/b] system

  3. - Internal Updater

  4. - Loot Statistics and Exp/h Statistics

  5. - Customizable Panels
And more features.

[b]About the future server lifespan[/b]
[b]Tibiera[/b] Online has the plan to stay long as the same users stay with us, the plan with a low rate server is to have a long-term server, even if we don't have players online we assure that as long our server is online, your [b]account will be there[/b], we don't expect to have an account wipe.

Our plan is to bring new updates regarding the gameplay to mimic old and classic tibia meanwhile we're keeping the updates on our engine. We plan to have also a server lifespan of 6 months, after that, we plan to merge the servers into one and launching another server with new community.

We hope to see you online and welcome to this project!


rateExp = Stages
rateSkill = 8
rateLoot = 3
rateMagic = 6
rateRegen = 5

<stage minlevel="1" maxlevel="8" multiplier="50"/>
<stage minlevel="9" maxlevel="30" multiplier="45"/>
<stage minlevel="31" maxlevel="70" multiplier="25"/>
<stage minlevel="71" maxlevel="100" multiplier="15"/>
<stage minlevel="101" multiplier="1"/>

  • 2x exp

  • 2x skills

  • 1x magic

  • 2x regen

  • 1x loot

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