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Version 2.6 has been released
Version 2.6 has been released!

- Bug fixes for wings & aura
- GameDrawAuraOnTop feature
- Added some packets for tibia 12.52 support, but it doesn't work yet
- Added game_protocol, here tibia 12+ packets will be implemented
- Added stats for packets and detection of slow packets (ctrl+alt+d)
- Increased bot max upload config size to 1MB
- Added ProgressBar -
- New lua functions:
creature:setProgressBar(time, leftToRight), creature:getProgressBarPercent()
- Container position on logout/login is being saved (may require tfs extension, check commit 3009)
- New functions for bot: safeLogout(), isTrapped() and isTrapped(creature)
- New callbacks for bot: onLoginAdvice(), onWalk()
- Added few sounds in data/sounds for bot
- Updated cavebot to version 1.3
- Added virthax bot config, version 1.1

Changelog for cavebot:
- New walking system, much better, much faster, with configurable config
- Targeting is supporting multiple target names, separate them by ,
- Target editor work now fine on mobile devices
- Added Targeting option "don't loot" for target
- Added TargetBot.disableLuring() and TargetBot.enableLuring()
- Added few examples for CaveBot function action
- Goto action has now 4th, optional parameter - precision

By the way, OTCv8 has reached 190k installations, including 50k mobile installations!
Every day more than 10k players use it. Thank you all for using it!

There's one more thing - OTCv8 sources price has been lowered to $3999, hope it will help OTCv8 community grow even bigger Wink
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Good work!

Looking at the changelog, I was wondering what means: "- Bug fixes for wings & aura".

I was inactive for many years on Tibia and Open Tibia, and researching I dont find anything on official which implements that. The only thing I found is an Open Tibia Server "We are Tibia" which implements something like that.

[Image: post-BOW3670.png]

Is to make it compatible with that client? Or its a feature supported by the TFS branch for OTC (

Keep it up! Greetings!
Buenas... Tengo problemas con la versión 11.00 para Android no me permite descargarla me dicen que hacer? Quiero jugar aurera pero siempre me pasa eso.... Espero prontas respuestas gracias.

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