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Depositor Extension (ONLY FOR TIBIA VERSION > 10.90)

After some headaches we finally finished the Depositor Extension to work for Tibia versions above 10.90. 
We're currently working on extending this to EVERY possible version in tibia.


1. Download the file
2. Go to your configs folder in %appdata%/otclientv8/otclientv8/bot/cavebot_1.1 <- This version can change. Make sure you use the latest one
3. Make a copy of cavebot_1.1
4. Go into the copied folder and then into cavebot folder.
5. Extract the depositor_extension.lua file inside the cavebot folder
6. Go back 1 folder and open cavebot.lua. Inside you should add this -> dofile("/cavebot/depositor_extension.lua") ATTENTION: make sure you add the line below this text -> "-- in this section you can add extensions, check extension_template.lua"
7. Save cavebot.lua file and start your client
8. Add depositor into your waypoints and woala

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Big Issues have been discovered. Working on fixes. Can't promise any ETA
This upload does not exist D:
This extension has been discontinued since Kondra is working on a depositor for 2.4

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