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[Germany][Custom] Starts 23rd October 19CEST • Revolution OT • 12 Dungeons • NO P2W!
[Image: ewYv1cx.png]
Hello everyone! Some of you might not know me but i usually nick Nowii/Bubbakushy ingame.
I've been playing Tibia since 7.1 and hosted many servers in the past like a few RL maps, Cantera, roxxor, Yurots etc etc.
But haven't been so active in the server making department for many years. I hosted this Revolution OT as a beta for awhile to get some help in the development and it was a success! i wouldn't have gotten this far if it weren't for that beta.
Now i would like to present to you my project called Revolution OT.
So lets start with a Video [Image: 1f973.png]
Unique Instanced Dungeon system with working Queue System
Reborn System
Reborn Dungeons
Hardcore Dungeons (Die and you lose all gear)
Over 60 Quests/150+ Spawns
6 Vocations & 90% Custom Spells
Stats System
Unique Upgrade System with Many features
No equipment Limits! Want to be a Dual wielding Battle Mage? Go for it
Item Level System
Herbalism, Mining, Fishing, Alchemy & Crafting
Pet System
Custom Map
Unique Bosses
Unique Quests
Task System
Loot Channel
Lottery System
Custom Potion System
Events such as;
Monster Survival
Teambattle Event
Hunger Games 
CTF & Trivia
Monster Arena
Ingame Casino
DPS Checker On Training Monks
Divination Card System (In progress)
& more.
No Pay to Win!
Server Information
Exp Rate: Stages
Magic Rate - 12x
Skills Rate - 25x
Loot Rate - 4x
[Image: VQA4PI0.png]
[Image: qm03nRP.png]
[Image: rWP5Xrh.png]
[Image: Z12qGpp.png]
All verified accounts by the 23rd will be available for the Scavengers Alpha Giveaway.
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