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Bot-based analyzers

Some time ago i've developed analyzers pack based on bot. 
I probably dont intend to furtherly develop them as their current state suits my needs, i've decided to share them with you.
Out of everything the only thing missing is waste calculator and end balance.

Regarding profit calculator.
- It is based on loot messages, not picked items. Thus it's precision depends on opened-bodies ratio.
- It will calculate only items added in "edit loot list" inside 
- You can edit prices of certain items or add completely new ones inside loot.lua

That being said, analyzers provided by Aurelion will probably be much better, but this ones doesn't require any additions on server side, therefore you should be able to use them anywhere that OTCv8 with bot is possible to use.

If someone wants to code waste calculator, i can help out.

[Image: YXtem8a.png]

Unpack all files into your bot directiory, just like any other script
download: analyzers

Any donations will be much appriciated
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AMAZING work bro! I was doing a similar myself but the fast I went was [Image: m04khpz.png] that...

Can u make a tutorial on OTUI files and UI interfaces? Thanks love it!!!!!

[Image: htPUw2e.png]

Want a new exclusive script for yourself? Let's have a coffee   Wink
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Maybe in future i will make otui tutorial on ovh page
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I was looking for it and it was all the time on forum. 
Quote:or add completely new ones inside loot.lua
The file name is items.lua not loot.lua and can u help me with supplies please?

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