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[Canada] [8.6] Hazlan
Welcome to Hazlan (SERVER STARTS ON SUNDAY 15 AT 15:00 GMT-5)

MAP: Pazzur (old ~2010)
UPTIME: 24/7

We have the following systems
* Monsters of the days (Three monsters)
* Casino
* Daily Task
* Guide
* Double Experience
* Skill Bonus
* Prey
* Premium (Obtainable in the game)
* New Outfits (Like Golden Outfit and Retros)

Experience Rates:
1-100 x100
101-150 x50
151-200 x25
201-300 x15
301-400 x7
551-650 x3
651-700 x1
701-* x0.3

Skills Rate: x15
Magic Rate: x7
Loot Rate: x2
Spawn Rate: x1
House Rent: Weekly
Protection Level: 50
White Skull Time: 10 Minutes
Frag Time: 12 Hours
Free Bless Level: 150

[Image: Screenshot-from-2022-05-07-21-26-52.png]
[Image: Screenshot-from-2022-05-07-21-27-47.png]
[Image: Screenshot-from-2022-05-07-21-26-39.png]
[Image: Screenshot-from-2022-05-07-21-57-57.png]
[Image: Screenshot-from-2022-05-07-22-01-31.png]
[Image: Screenshot-from-2022-05-07-22-14-49.png]
[Image: Screenshot-from-2022-05-07-22-15-34.png]
[Image: Screenshot-from-2022-05-07-22-17-00.png]
[Image: Screenshot-from-2022-05-07-22-59-55.png]
[Image: Screenshot-from-2022-05-07-23-05-57.png]
The server starts in less than 15 hours. Don't wait for more, and create an account!

EDIT: The server has started

[Image: Screenshot-from-2022-05-15-02-16-03.png]
We have added new features to the server.
  • Mount system (need to play with [b]OTCv8[/b])

  • Experience stages (reformuled, new players will be able to up level faster)

  • Free premium (all month)

  • Frags (now, you will get red skull at 10 frags, and time's frag)

  • New hunts and quests added to Guide and Wagon NPC

We will be updating the server for a better experience. We hope you enjoy the game, thanks!

[Image: Screenshot-from-2022-05-28-23-10-55.png]

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