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Aurelion's Services
Hello guys, i'm Josh, i got a decent amount of time working around as freelancer and i decided also to move my services here at

I have decent knowledge on the following areas:
  • C++
  • Lua (High level)
  • PHP
  • Design (Banners, logos, backgrounds)
Also i do:
  • Linux/Windows installations (I usually teach my clients how they can use them after the full installation), including website and error fixes if required (Up to a certain level).
  • OTClient programming (I know how to design new modules, windows, systems, everything required to make a decent custom otserver).
  • Website Layouts from zero and website editions.
  • TFS Script/Datapack Conversions (Scripts from 0.4 to 1.3 - 1.3 to 0.4, also Lua and C++), with some exceptions.
  • Upgrading and script optimizations
  • Server managament coaching (I've seen a lot of servers fail and success, i can tell you my personal opinion on how your server can be successfull and i can be with you on the process). Also i can help you installing otcv8 and all of their features.
And everything that the client could imagine.

How i work?
  • 1 - If you're a new user (Post count under 200), i expect payments first and before starting to make something.
  • 2 - If you got more than 200 posts we can fix out a method of working (We can fix a 50% to start and 50% to end depending on your posting history and requests. On done scripts, systems and else, i expect the payment first).
I only accept payments on TibiaCoins (For new users), up to 8$ per 250, i'm an active player of Cipsoft's Tibia or Criptos (BCH, ETH, BTC), i don't accept paypal unless you're a known user and trustable user for me and i can refuse to accept payments there when i want.

My guarantee and terms
  • Every script done by me has a 30 days guarantee to make any kind of fix (Starting at the final delivering, where do you say that the script is completely working), i only do fixes inside the original request and not extensions or huge editions of the systems (But we can fix out a new request including an upgrade of those scripts), but in case that i didn't answered you by any kind of personal issue inside the 30 days, you got all my atention and support to fix out any kind of bug lifetime.
  • Be sure to explain well what you want, i try to make my best on make reality what you want.
  • I don't work on weekends, i spend them on my wife and kids.
  • I don't compile on windows, i don't have the required tools and i don't want to download them, every c++ function is tested on Linux to make sure that it works, in case that the client wants to have a running exe for personal tests, he will be on the responsibility to compile by himself.
  • Due to covid19 and certain internet issues, i'm only working on non-time consuming things as i can't give a estimated ETA on it, for the rest, im available at nights on Canada (Up to 10:00 PM to 3:00 AM -4:00 GMT)
What i've done until now?
  • Durability and Level System for items (As some RPG's).
  • Multiworld system for TFS 1.3.
  • Custom Gem Upgrading System.
  • Tooltip for OTC (Extension of a brought system, i did the protocol part to recieve attrs and item information via server->client).
  • Regeneration Rate.
  • Cooldown Rate (For spells).
  • An extensive attribute system (Special attrs for a RPG project: Heavy (Reduces AGI), Sharpness (Increases the ATK), etc).
  • Woodcutting, minning and a farming system using custom sprites.
  • Animated attack system for monsters and players.
  • Streamers webpage for Znote/Gesior AAC.
  • A custom webmarket done with categories (Like ebay).
  • Almost every quest of vanilla tibia (Up to the newest versions, as asked by some clients).
  • A lot of OTCv8 modules (Including Kasteria loot analyzer)
  • I'm currently doing certain 12 features for OTCv8.
And many stuff that can be seen on

My prices
  • I charge 15$/h and as a minimum hire rate (It means that if you have a simple request, it would be the entire 15$ and not less), however, i can do a script package in case that you come with a certain amount of scripts.
My discord id is: Aurelion#1250
My Status: Available.
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You know make a good store shop for 1.x? (With transfer button too)
Excellent service, replied fast and got the job done in a timely manor, and was very helpful with setting up what i needed, and it works perfectly, def recommend and will return for any future scripts/services! Thanks a lot sir!
Aurelion's Services have great things, and I want to know if this professional writing service will help me with my current project. I need to know about it soon.

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