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Nathu Programming Services <CREATE, COMPILE, MOBILE>
Hey, encouraged by Kondrah's latest post I decided to create my thread.

I'm a programmer with 2 years of professional project experience.
My semi-professional experience is reaching 2010~, I also used to take part in IMBAscripts on Windbot forum.
I'm currently the main developer in project.

I can handle C++, C#, Lua, Python, and PHP.

If your server is crashing, your page is loading slowly or you just have troubles compiling, ill be more than glad to help.
Customer's satisfaction is my priority, my code is clean and every single change in your files will be well documented.

My usual rate is 15$/h, I'm accepting bitcoin, PayPal, and Blik.

Here you can find my private Github, not many public resources there, but I have an interesting project that I'll upload soon.

I can fix your engine errors or just fix you up with a good set-up for mobile client.
Both for server owners and players.
- PM me here, on Valoria Discord, OTCv8 Discord or just message me directly, its Nathu#6289
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