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Community need your services - post your offer

One of the biggest problem of open tibia community is lack of skilled developers.
Everyday I get few requests to create some new tool, script, module but I don't have time to do it all.
There are a lot of servers ready to spend a lot of money on many services, they want to make theirs servers amazing, but they can't find people able to do them.
Currently I can't spend more than 10 hours / week on tibia development, I'm really busy with other projects, so I want to spend that time on most important things, like OTCv8 development.
I have to deny a lot of request, even from people willing to pay $50/h or more. 

So, if you are available and willing to take some tasks, please create topic with your offer on this subforum.
Almost everything is useful, people ask me for everything like bot scripts, configuration of mobile version, removing token field in otcv8 entergame, changing background, creating modules using extended opcodes, shaders, setting up updater.php, modifications for websites, missing tibia 12 features and several other things.

If you have any useful skill, even being a good tutor or just knowledge how to setup mobile version correctly - don't wait, create a thread with description of your services.

In such thread please include information about your price per hour, payment methods and list of available services.
If you have some ready solutions to sell, feel free to mention them too.
I'll be redirecting most of my customers to this subforum, recommending your services.

I need your services too, especially when it comes to creating tutorials for otcv8 and bot scripts.
I have a plan to spend ~$1000 on your services in following weeks.
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