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How to get spr/dat from Tibia12
- SpiderClientConverter (download here)
- Tibia 12


- Extract SpiderClientConverter and run it.
- Choose Assets Folder (a directory called assets inside the Tibia 12 folder)
- Choose Output Folder
- Check the box "Export .spr"
- Click on the button "Export Sprites" and wait for the progress bar be done
- Click on the button "Export Dat" and wait for the progress bar be done

Go to your Output Folder and copy your spr/dat files and here we go!
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nice @gpedro this is very usefull now all ots 12+ may work perfectly thank you
after I select the char i recieve one error: You are using outdated client! Please download new client from our website!

There is any other way?
I have same problem
Anyone has any idea how to fix that problem with outdated client?

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