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OTCv8 12 Features
Hello guys! I'm currently going to release few json opcodes modules based on the Cipsoft 12 protocol. I would like to make clear that they are going to need certain dependencies to make it work like Tibia does (They aren't going to be download and run).

List of modules that are going to be released by me for free:

 Hunting Analyzers
  1. Hunting
  2. Loot
  3. Supply
  4. Impact
  5. Exp
  6. Drop Tracker
  7. Party Hunt

  1. Items looker
  2. Bestiary
  3. Charms 
  4. Map
  5. Houses
  6. Character tab.

If you would like to post any bug report, please do it directly on Github (

Current credits would be for:
  • Vithrax (Some modules design)
  • Aurelion (Code and design)
  • Tazer (Donation to make this real).

Also if you would like to give me a tip for pizza to boost development, contact me at private or just leave me a message on discord: Aurelion#1250, it would be appreciated.
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in what client version will it work?
Hello, I add this module on 2.5.7 and got this
Where i must add this Lib?
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