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[USA][12.+] Razgard Low Rates [Global][PvP]
[img=22x0][/img] Welcome to [b]Razgard Adventures[/b] [img=22x0][/img]
-- Hardcore OT with Low Rates --
The best low rate ot, we will always keep our work with the latest updates and features every day! You must be wondering now what has new and different on the server? New custom and real tibia areas, mounts, outfits and systems 12+,
[b]Server Information:[/b]
Protection at level 20 (Blessed until level 80).
Start in Thais town at level 8.
[b]Low Rates[/b]:
Experience x2
Loot x2
Magic and Skills by closes rates
Premium free.
Promotion free at level 20.
Global save: [b]01:00:00[/b]
World type: [b]PVP[/b]
House rent: Monthly.
Houses with inactive owners are cleaned after year.
8.6 Retro Open PVP.
8.6 Classic Attack Speed.
8.6 Nopz Locked on use rune fields.
Bestiary Charms x3.
Reward 1 tibia coin every hour (Max 5 tibia coins at day by Account and IP, active only on players level 20 more).
Basic ammunition (Spears, stones, arrow, bolt) break chance reduce to 1%.
All normal ammunitions break chance reduce to 3%.
Regeneration custom balanced (Mana and Health).
Knight can use Strong Mana Potion.
Paladin can use Great Mana Potion.
On Level Up get 5 Platinum Coins.
Fast Stamina Regeneration with Training Monks.
Adori bag, spear, backpack, food spells.
Tibia Coins on get Level 100(50tc), 200(100tc), 300(150tc), 400(200tc), 500(250tc).
Desert Dungeon Quest, vocations are not requiered.
Desert Dungeon Quest gives 3 Crystal Coins.
Game store low cost in game.
Tibia Coins low cost on donations.
Android (APK),
Old Client 10.98
Installer setup.exe 12.60
Google translate website.
Added Discord section page.
Added Event Schedule section page like real tibia.
[b]Free access to many areas without missions [/b]
Thank you all for the recommendations, we will definitely look at the proposals at our leisure.

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