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Few ideas
Hi, first of all i have to apolegize for my english as is not my main langue. And all what im going to put here is just my opinion/suggestion that why i put it on this topic. 
So lets go, I started to use otclient bot 1 week ago and made few scripts so far and many things is on plus but also i found some "most have or nice to have" and would be rly nice to see them on ur bot on future. Some of ideas are cuz of ezodus and i know this Client + Bot was made for most of ots and clients and can't be done cuz of 1 server.

1. Im boting on ezodus right now and on the start i found that "go to" function is working like "node" for elfbot if is close to position (1-2sqm away) its working always like done and going to next wpt. So i would like to see somthing like (accepted distance from postion, x,y,z) in this action. If u ask why? Its needed when u are low lvl and u trying to stand next to wall with 5 monsters and for some reason sometimes it works ok and sometimes im standing 1sqm away from wall and geting box by monsters = dead.

2. It would be rly nice to have actions like this one: 
CaveBot.registerAction("signore", "#BA4A00", function(value, retries, prev)
            if getMonsters(20) == 0 then
  return true

CaveBot.registerAction("eignore", "#BA4A00", function(value, retries, prev)
  return true

So when im boting on ezodus i need to get box most of time to get good exp. To do it i need to turn off targeting and some delay betwen wpt to lure then stand on some sqm and turn on targeting. Ofc i can make it with fuctions but making same function every 1-2 wpt is kind a pointless if it can be done way easier.



3. I think there is a bug in Supplies + action "buy supplies" when im using a 2 diffrent npc to buy supplies like one for arrows and second for potions and on "Supplies" i will put potions on the top


[Image: c743ec512a1ad6d1e40a6ad09acb51c8.png]

and i will start from arrows npc which is not selling potions he will not sell me arrows for some reason.

ps. I know that on this screen d arrows is set to 0 is just example

4. supplies checker should have 2 options (the one is working right now), i mean if enought supplies jump to label, and it would be nice to have second (if no supplies go to label)

example: If bot didnt buy supplies for some reason he will back to labels on the way for supplies so far im using fuctions like this one
if itemAmount(25757) < 1000 and itemAmount(238) < 500 then

return true

5. I could not found in targeting way to set it to atack only if there was at least 2 monsters. So in new tibia atacking 1 monster is pointless cuz to get good profit and exp u need to get alot of monsters and atack them aoe so it woul be nice to set targeting off/on only if there is at least 3 monsters but if u get trap u will attack monsters anyway somthing like "attack if traped" so far im using somthing like this:

-- config
local whitelistMonsters = {"Emberwing", "Skullfrost", "Groovebeast", "Thundergiant"}

macro(2000, "Targeting Balance", function()

    local specAmount = 0
    for i,mob in ipairs(getSpectators()) do
        if (getDistanceBetween(player:getPosition(), mob:getPosition()) <= 8 and mob:isMonster())  then
            if table.find(whitelistMonsters, mob:getName()) then
                specAmount = specAmount
                specAmount = specAmount + 1
if (specAmount <= 2) then



And to turn it on im using my action "eignore" from the top.

6. Action "poscheck" i dont like the idea to skip "poscheck" after some retries that should be a option. I got like 6 poscheck in my wpt and it still buging sometimes on DP when he is still in cave. It mean that he skip 5 positing checking after some tries

7.It would be awasome also to add to targeting "attack only if traped" like in xenobot so i would add monsters on the way to spawn like "Rotworm, poision spider" etc and attack it only if there is no way to wpt.

8. Sort supplies in arrows should have 2 containers cuz of new tibia 12+. So on ezodus we have to use Quiver on paladins and u can put there only 600arrows witch is not enought to hunt on spawn and if i will by 1000 arrows 400 will stay in my main container (its fine but what if we not open next bp in main and main bp is full? bot wont see them cuz bp is closed). So i was using script to sort arrows to quiver but if is full it puts arrows to blue backpack


if ammoContainer:getItemsCount() ~= ammoContainer:getCapacity() then
g_game.move(item, ammoContainer:getSlotPosition(ammoContainer:getItemsCount()), item:getCount())
g_game.move(item, ammoContainer:getSlotPosition(ammoContainer2:getItemsCount()), item:getCount())

9."Looter" for me it would be nice to have option to loot only corpse 1sqm away from u to dont overpull. When i was botting on my mage with sd on monsters where 2 of them could 1 shoot me and someone kill monster 3-4sqm from me he insta ran for his loot. I heard that can be solved by "danger lvl" but it kind problem when i was boxing to wall with 5 monsters, 3 of them left on me and 2 was away on someone. When someone killed his monsters my char ran for thay loot and insted of standing nex to wall he was on the middle of spawn.

10. "Containers for loot" like u know Ezodus is right now rly popular server and on this server we are using something called "Loot bag". With that if i will put "Loot bag" for "Container for loot" and he is not a backpack its more like dp with pages he will start to reopen it after filling 1 page. So it would be nice to put reopen backpack if its full as a option. 

11. "Depositer:no" There is a bug with depositing items from "Loot bag" but its more like bug with client? If u deposit items from it like 3 pages of loot on last page items starting to get duplicate like u see in "loot bag" 10x brown mushrom stack etc of items witch is not exisitng after reopen it this items simply disapire. If someone need i can make a gyazoo of it. xD
12."SellAll" I had problem with this function when u have 2 npc too close self that when im open Trade with one and going to next but the trade from first npc is not close yet i cant open second trade window. To solve that i had to and fuction after selling allitems

To close 1st trade window before open next with next npc.

13. "goto" Like Vithrax said on goto action is working as a node exception are: 
Quote:Exeptions will be yellow marked tiles on minimap
It's mean that if on mini map there is a TP, Hole, SQM witch is teleporting u to destination and its not a yellow sqm on mini map u will stuck 1sqm away from destination and u need to make fuction to enter it.
[Image: bbf8960b2810a15f1b43a4eaf636913d.png][Image: cc4f429ef96ebacd83b6d3e9216c411a.png]

Also if u dont want enter the whole from example u can simply enter it boting and geting stuck downster. You could make a "action" somthing like "Enter TP" with position to make sure u will stand on it. 
Next example is "goto" working as a node what if i need to stand next to wall to make a hur "up action? I could not even do it by "poscheck" to make sure u take the spot cuz after few tries "poscheck" is skiping action.

14. fully working hur up action <3

If u would like to see more ideas from me as im going to make scripts and learn more about this client. Let me know ;p

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