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Version 2.4 has been released
Version 2.4 has been released!
It's biggest otclientv8 update so far, with almost 10k new lines of code!
What's new:
- Support for android
- New render engine, with separate thread for rendering, makes otcv8 almost two times faster
- New light render system
- Particles has been removed, you can't use g_particles anymore
- New updater, easier to use, allows to update some files without client restart
- New crash reporter
- Support for text with multiple colors (highlighted keywords from npc)
- Support for gziped files
- Better DirectX support, including DirectX 11 support
- Action bar accepts only pickupable items form now

And many other smaller bug fixes

New binaries are not backward compatible with old lua files, due to removal of some lua functions.
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Thank you for your hard work dude Smile
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Simply amazing, keep up the great work!
Since the 2.4 update there has been excessive lags when windows are opening:

Tested on a Windows 10 computer if that is pertinent to the issue.
i think you need a patreon for people to contribute to the development of the client, and thus be able to play with versions 12

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