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Vithrax services

I'm Vithrax. Currently im employed as a production analyst in a pretty big corporation.
I play Tibia since the dawn of time, use bots since TibiaBot NG. 

My journey with coding started when widely available scripts have ceased to meet my needs.
After discovering OTCv8 i've realized that there is no turning back. 
Now, i'm an active user for over a year, most of this time as content creator and one of the major community supporter.

My services will be focused on bot side of OTCv8 and also OTUI in general.
At this point there is almost nothing i can't do. You can reach me out with anything you need.

You find some examples of my work on this forum. (Battle Config, ComboBot, Hunting Analyzers)

Price for my services starts at $15
Final price depends on the complexity and any additional features (like otui).

I accept only paypal.

You can reach me out on discord: Vithrax#5814
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