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Full Version: [UK][Custom High-EXP] AsgardOT 3.0 Trailer |Path Of Zulus Q|Realm Of The Gods Q
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[Image: done.png]
you can watch from 3:10
IP: asgard-ot.com
Client: Custom Client/Android Client
Uptime: 24/7
Hosted in: UK, on a dedicated server with 2 GB Internet connection per second, 16 GB Static Memory & 8 Cores paid annually, the server contains protection systems against ddos attacks, the server is smooth & stable.
Website: AsgardOT
Map: Custom, contains 12 cities and 5 islands and more than 200 spawn with more than 75 Quest.
Server type:  PVP-RPG.
More Features:
Story Quests
Runes Upgrading Quest
Sets Upgrading Quests
Crafting System
Minning System
Awaken System
Enhancing System
Upgrading System
Custom Client (Wider - Bot & More Features)
Mounts Seller for rare items
Waypoints system
Auto-loot system
wide cities and large towns to explore
hidden chests with rare rewards
join us in the best custom High-EXP server, read the guides in Asgard forum and start now!